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'COLUMBUSBLOOD' compilation record!

Image of 'COLUMBUSBLOOD' compilation record!


This is a killer collection of eleven bands from our hometown of Columbus, OH and featuring our first new track since 2014! Super limited quantity of these records on 'piss yellow' vinyl, released for Record Store Day 2017 by Break-Up Records.

1. Barely Eagle- California Kids
2. Bloodthirsty Virgins- Down Below
3. The Ferals- Real Good Time
4. DANA- The Feel Bad Hit of the Summer
5. Artillery Breath- Trophies of Man
6. Cadaver Dogs- F.T.U. (Fuck The Underworld)
7. The Up All Nights- Bloodflow
8. The Kyle Sowashes- Party At My House
9. Orson Buggy- That'll Do Pig
10. Jab Avenue- Birthday Magazine Subscription
11. Barbed Wire Dolls- Liar's Road (Live from Apollo's, 1990)

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